“Be content to progress in slow steps until you have legs to run
and wings with which to fly.”
~ Padre Pio ~

Our paths are unique. Only we can walk them.
The Monthly Reading is a personal guide and working tool to help transcend or affirm your various life situations.
Sent out at the beginning of each new month, the cards are drawn with the clear intention that those asking will receive what they seek.

I am often asked “how it works” as the reading is drawn for the Group as a whole, yet somehow manages to be so personally relevant to so many individuals as if it were drawn specifically for them. I can’t say I’m 100% sure myself, but this is what I think:

We share a group consciousness. Therefore, as a group, we share common individual issues simultaneously being brought to conscious awareness for healing.

The same issue will represent itself in completely different ways from individual to individual – manifesting in various financial, health, relationship or other experience aspects.

All the cards advocate spiritual/life principles and concepts eg. “Surrender”, “Acceptance”, “Self Love” etc. So while all our individual circumstances may differ, they may share a common principle application as a solution; and in this way, the reading becomes “spot on” for each individual.

Being a creature of ritual, I start with lighting a candle and setting up some crystals…

I then shift all my thoughts away from my own life to “Soulgroup” which I visualise as a golden light bubble containing thousands of vividly brilliant light pricks.   

I call on Archangel Michael (being the Archangel I have the most instinctive affinity with & whom Ren considered to be Heaven on Earth’s Divine Keeper as I consider to be Soulgroup’s), and ask: “Please give me what Soulgroup needs most right now”.

I then shuffle until the cards get heavy and no longer separate.

If a card does not jump out by itself, I ask to be given the correct card - and am shown either an upright block with a mark where the deck must be cut, or a thick black line in a spread of cards indicating where the relevant card is.

Once all 4 cards have been drawn, I end with thanks and a blessing on the reading for all who will receive it.