It is our sacred duty to awaken beauty into our lives. To behold beauty and cleave it to us. To let it fill our minds and hearts. In this way will we help to purify the consciousness of our race
~ John Kehoe, A Vision in Power & Glory ~

Ever been down and been given a hug, shoulder or ear that made you feel so much better?

That is the intention of SEEDS.
To hug your soul and warm you inside.

We plant seeds to grow and nurture life.
Similarly, SEEDS plants Hope… Beauty… Love… Courage…

Together they make Inspiration – that heightened inner sense that touches the chord of true essence, connects us in an indefinable way to ourselves, to one another, and to All That Is. Inspiration also raises vibration, and in so doing, creates the right type of energy field that attracts more good things into our space, and opens us to receiving and “hearing” Divine Guidance.

SEEDS is sent out monthly and contains anything from “Aha! Moments” (shared subscriber stories of personal triumph and consciousness growth), to Concepts, Skills & Soul Exercises (to aid spiritual growth and raise conscious awareness), to Articles, Book Extracts and Poems… anything that will stir the soul in beauty…